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Your job search starts with who you know

Building a network and making contacts is an important key to success in your job search, yet for many job seekers, it’s the most painful aspect of career transition.

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Building Your Network

An effective network of contacts is critical to your success in finding that next job. But how do you know whether your network is big enough, or has the right people in it? One way to know is to ask yourself some questions about your current job search:

  • How long is it taking?
  • Have you had good interviews?
  • Has your network provided you with information and leads?

If the answer to these last two questions is “no,” it might be time to look at creating a more effective network for yourself.

To start building your network, connect to organizations and people in your industry. They will be knowledgeable about the current market for employment. Think about building your network through volunteering for local causes or by joining social organizations as well. These groups are filled with interesting members who can connect you to people you might not ordinarily meet.

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Taking it to the next level

Use your network to connect with opportunities that will take your search to the next level.


The resume is the primary written tool of the job seeker. It is your marketing tool to help you get an interview. Your resume may serve several functions:

  • A self-inventory for articulating your background to an interviewer
  • A sort of marketing brochure that generates invitations to interviews
  • A springboard for interviewers to ask you questions
  • A tool used by an employment agency or a recruiter to gather information
  • A guide for your references before talking to potential employers
  • A tool for use during an informational interview

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Effective Interviewing

If it's your resume that gets you that first look, then it's your interview that seals the deal. An interview is your huge opportunity to prove that you have what it takes to do the job. Check out the articles in our Learning Library that we've compiled to help you prepare.

Know How to Connect

Small talk, big opportunities
If you’re not sure how to get started at a networking event, start here.


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