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What Drives Recruiters Crazy

What Drives Recruiters Crazy on a Resume?

  • The word “resume” at the top of the resume. (Duh!)
  • People who take the time to accent the e’s in resume. (We get it, already.)
  • Fluffy, rambling “objective” statements (e.g., “Seeking a responsible position in a growth-oriented company where my skills will be utilized for personal and professional growth.”) Have you ever heard of anyone seeking “a boring job in a pathetic company where I can sit and grow old with dignity”? Best to say something like “Objective: Cost Accountant.”
  • Salary information—You’ll either price yourself out of the competition or limit your negotiation power altogether.
  • Full addresses and zip codes of former employers
  • Reasons for leaving jobs
  • A “personal” section or personal statistics—It’s never done any more. And no matter how good looking you are, including a photo is just plain arrogant.
  • Your Social Security number—Makes us shudder to think that someone just publishes such valuable information.

Cover Letter Mistakes

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