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Creating Your Dream Job

Follow the ABCs for Creating Your Dream Job

Assess your dream plan.

What are the factors that would make you most happy in a job? Is it specific duties, money, location, hours, environment, dress code…etc? Make a list of the pros and cons of your job. Determine the cons you can tackle with a reasonable alternative. Are these changes possible in your current job or would you need to seek employment elsewhere? If you seek to remain in your current company begin with only one to two significant changes. And be realistic about what an employer can accomplish.

Build a Plan of Action.

Once you have written down your objectives then it is time to build support for your success.
  • The first key is to identify the benefits to the employer. For example telecommuting will allow you to work at any hour necessary; casual dress would help lighten the tone in the office; a raise that included an additional key responsibility for you would lighten your boss’s workload; a half day on Friday would reduce stress; flextime would allow for the phone lines to be open for additional hours, etc.
  • The second key is to research related success stories of other employees, departments or companies.
  • And the third key is to identify the direct reasons that this change will enable you to do a better job for the company.

Communicate your proposal.

Preparation is the foundation to any sales proposal. You will be selling the benefits of change to your manager and the company. In turn this will provide the dream job you wish to create.
  • First, if possible, present your proposal in general terms to another trusting manager for feedback and suggestions.
  • Secondly, set the stage for your manager. Begin by giving him or her a strategically written note requesting a meeting to discuss your current position and desired changes. Upon meeting, wear your best attire and brightest smile, feel your confidence and believe in your well-developed plan of action.
  • Thirdly, be prepared and secure in addressing any questions and/or concerns he or she may raise. Never become defensive, as this may appear that you are not being fully honest.

Once you have followed the ABCs and successfully presented your proposal, it is time to celebrate. Hopefully, your employer will see the value of the changes and your frustrations will ease. However, don’t be discouraged if “no” is the answer, as it simply calls for you to reassess your situation.

Remember that regardless of the outcome, you have proven that you have the ability to take control of your life. Stand tall and remember that you are always your own best advocate.

Sheri A. Callahan, President, Horizon Headhunters, LLC. 


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