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To file a claim, visit the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.  For questions about your claim, call (800) 204-2418.

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My Next Move is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options.




You’re Asking the Wrong Question

Taylor Pearson says that everything you think you know about job security is wrong. All your life, you’ve heard that getting a great job and moving up the corporate ladder will provide you with income, security, and satisfaction. But Pearson says that the number of jobs is shrinking each year. We’ve reached the peak of job creation, he argues, so you’ll never be secure if you depend on someone else to give you a job.  You’ll need to take your economic security into your own hands.

“There are three primary reasons to believe that we are at peak jobs and approaching the End of Jobs,” he writes:

Source: @work:a career blog



CareerTrax is your step-by-step guide to success.  Whether you’re looking for work, re-entering the workforce, looking at a big promotion, or just starting out, we can help.


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Your online job search is just a click away at Employ Florida, the official online portal for employment opportunities in Florida. 
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Access Point - St. Johns County

CareerSorurce NEFL MAP (Mobile Access Points) an extension of our career centers. Providing use of laptops, 3 and knowledgeable staff to help job seekers target their resumes, locate potential employers and occasional workshops covering a variety of work readiness topics.

CareerSource Professional Network

The CareerSource Northeast Florida Professional Network offers career transition assistance to professional job seekers through networking, workshops, and business partnerships. 

CareerSource NEFL Professional Network Meetings are held monthly and include invited guest speakers providing information on various job search topics. Qualifications: 4 year degree/or management level work experience.